Marc S. Lindfors

Product Design + Strategy + Branding

Hi! I'm Marc. I'm a Product Designer (UI/UX) working in Brooklyn. I design for startups, small to medium-size businesses, and disruptive entrepreneurs.


My name is Marc Lindfors and I’m a Professional Design Consultant and Brand Strategist based in Brooklyn. My focus is in growing your business & coming up with a brand strategy that is right for you and for your business goals. My design expertise to achieve these goals are in user experience (UX - strategy and research), visual user interface design (UI), and in brand strategy so we can create not only an identity for your product but an ecosystem that your users will love. By combining these three matrix, the outcome sets a foundation for growth and longevity of your product. I will take you step-by-step as we dive deeper into the product, so we can formulate a successful strategy and a long lasting partnership that brings in new business.

As a UI/UX Designer, I design with a user-centered approach to each project and a very lean ideation process to ensure that not only will it look stunning, but the user experience will be delightful. To get products done right, I use my most valuable skill - Empathy.

As a Brand Strategist, I approach each design project with thorough research and a competitive analysis. I evaluate strategies to determine your competitors strengths and weaknesses to insure a Full Effective Branding of your product/service from the ground-up that will stand apart from the rest.

As a Business Designer, understanding your story and your product/service is important to me. My focus is to ensure that I know your business/service through and through, so I can deliver effective designs that improves your business and your business goals ahead. My holistic approach to designing for small to medium-size companies is to develop more of a partnership rather than a typical business-relationship. Success happens together. Even Steve Jobs needed his Wozniak.

As a Multidisciplinary Designer, I have over 10 years of professional experience developing commercial designs for a diverse group of clientele in a variety of industries – inclusive of Tech Start-ups, Film, Apparel, Marketing, and Advertising Agencies. As a multidisciplinary designer obsessed with precision and details, I provide a full range of creative services including concept development, creative development, art-direction, branding, and even editorial for print as well as web and mobile applications.

I work with small to mid-size businesses and tech start-ups. If you're thinking of starting a business, pushing out a digital product, or already have one going, having a Designer that can cover all aspects of design should be in the forefront of your business arsenal - this is where I can help. Too many businesses spends thousands of dollars on websites and apps only to find out later that their goals aren't being met and their business hasn't grown as expected. I'll help you identify the business goals behind your project and deliver a solution that not only looks great, but helps your business grow beyond what you invest into it. From Print, Web, and Mobile Design solutions, you have a partner in me. If you want to chat design, please feel free to call, email, text, or Skype me and I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

When taking on the creative challenges of any projects, my main focus is on the end-to-end strategic branding, mapping clients’ creative needs for effective communication channels, and matching objectives with a wide variety of graphics, visual art tools, and approaches. My professional goal is to develop strategic vision and creative solutions by offering a broad range of capabilities that cover the full cycle of brand development. 

"My goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and ensure that my clients are extensively involved throughout the creative process and are happy with the end-result...In simpler terms, it's because I give a shit:)" - Marc S. Lindfors