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Design Workflow Process and Work Samples. Case Studies Coming soon.



Before starting any project, crafting a detailed project brief is ideal. During the on-boarding process, we will go through a “Discovery Session” that will allow us to come up with a product strategy which we will turn into user-stories/journey flow. Form here, we will discuss product goals, target user-needs, references for competitive analysis and many more, right along with brand positioning etc.



We will craft a detailed User-Stories Document so we can start wireframing and testing out ideas. Understanding what the user-needs is a crucial part of the process to fully identify the product goal and start understanding the product experience. We will test ideas through design thinking, which will lead us to the right product conclusion. From here, we can start refining the wireframes so we can move on to high-fidelity.



Once we’ve gone through the clickable wireframes, we will then move on to the high-fidelity design prototype and mockups. From here, we will carefully evaluate the product and start testing the high-fidelity prototype mock-ups to add/change any final iterations before doing a developer handoff through InVision. From here, I will work with the developers to ensure the work is within spec.